"… earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3

Hope Alive Creativity Exhibition

A platform to exhibit hope-stirring creative works during the Restoration 2021 youth conference. We invite all youths to submit original creations (solo or team-based) on the message of hope and restoration. Shortlisted submissions will be exhibited during the conference, and a national vote by the audience will determine first, second and third prizes.

Submissions are open until July 24th, and the exhibition will take place virtually during the conference.

What to Submit
Sky’s the limit, they say. As such, we don’t want to restrain your creative mind. You are invited to submit anything (song, artwork, poem, drawing, etc.) that fits the theme of the exhibition, provided the content doesn’t violate our shared standard of holiness.

After the exhibition, we will reward the best 3 creations nationwide with awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions worth 500 CAD, 300 CAD and 200 CAD respectively.

How to Submit?
When you are ready to submit, head to rebrand.ly/HopeAlive to get started.

Tell me more about prizes: as a reward for getting that far, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awards worth 500 CAD, 300 CAD and 200 CAD respectively. Because the church believes in you and the potential of your gift to impact lives for the glory of Christ, these awards will be invested towards talent development in practical ways. This will be worked out with each recipient. More details to come!

How are submissions shortlisted? After the submission deadline is closed, each creation will be independently and anonymously graded by a diverse national committee of experts spread across the country. Among others, they will look for how submissions relate to the theme of the conference, their technical quality & originality, their presentation, etc. Based on overall scores after grading, the top K submissions (ranked nationally) will be selected for exhibition during the conference, where K will be communicated later (e.g. K = 50). Unfortunately, we won’t be able to exhibit all submissions, so tune your creation to its best possible form to maximize your chances of selection 🙂
A national vote by the audience? I don’t understand: Yes, you didn’t misread it. We want to give every youth participant to the conference the chance to make their voice heard in the selection of the 3 awards. After shortlisted works are presented, participants will each vote for the best creation based on their OWN CRITERIA. We expect each individual to pick what best spoke to them or the creation they could relate with the most, but you’re in control of who/what you vote for. Average national votes will determine the winner (1st prize), the runner-up (2nd prize), and the second runner-up (3rd prize). A short virtual award ceremony will follow.
What if I have questions not answered here? Your first point of contact is your local youth leader but you can also contact a representative of the exhibition committee at youths@deeperlife.ca